General Specifications

One Set of Used Color Coating Line (2 Coat and 2 Bake)

Manufacturer Nihon Denro Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer(Coater) Nihon Denro Industry Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer(Oven) Nihon Denro Industry Co., Ltd.

Product For Construction
Personnel Plan Entry 1, Center 2, Exit 1, Testing 1, and Group Leader 1

Material GI, GL,

Coil Thickness 0.19 - 1.2mm

Coil Width 610 - 1,100mm( possible up to 1,250mm)

Entry Coil Weight 10ton

Entry Coil I.D. 508

Entry Coil O.D. 1,500

Exit Coil Weight 10ton

Exit Coil I.D. 508

Exit Coil O.D. 1,500

Line Length 165m

Line Speed Entry 96m/min, Center 72m/min (65m/min by ordinary), Exit 96m/min

Capacity 12ton/hour, 2,500ton/month, 30,000ton/year at 0.35mm x 914mm

Entry Pay-off Reel

Double Cut Shear


Entry Loop, Effective Loop Length 125m, 1.7 to 4.1min

Pretreatment Chemical Conversion Coating, Roll-on Chromate, Manual Adjustment

N/A Degreasing Function

Scotch Polishing Stand x 1

Chemical Conversion Coating, Spray, 16 steps

N/A Aftertreatment (Sealing) Function

Dryer, Hot Air Circulation Type

Sludge Provision, 0.5 time / month, Dump out method

Pretreatment Layout Surface Adjustment, Water Cleaning, Hot-Water Cleaning, Chromate, Dryer

Coater Roll Coater, Natural and Reverse Type

No.1 primer Coater

No.2 Coater

Back Coat No.1 Coater 1 head

Pressure Control Type

Baking Oven Catenary Type, Oven Width 1,500mm, Oven Length 32m and 40m

Max Temperature 300 degree, Fuel Type Kerosene

Convection Hardening Type

Aftertreatment Water and Cooling Type

Exit Exit Loop, Effective Loop Length 155m, 2.1 to 5.1min

Tension Reel
Centering (CPC) 4 unit

Missing Item Primer coater Exit Shear, Belt Wrapper, Exit Coil Car,

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